"Breathtaking Surroundings"

The Royal Sands’ breathtaking surroundings offer fantastic activities for couples, families, and friends. Download Our Activities Brochure

Island Hopping

Koh Rong is home to some truly stunning locations - pristine beaches, exotic waterfalls, and wonderful hilltop views, to name a few. Explore everything the island has to offer by ‘island hoping’ from site to site.

Snorkeling & Diving

Koh Rong is known for its stunning underwater panorama. Whether it's snorkeling or scuba diving that you're after, there are plenty of superb locations nearby.

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

Enjoy the crystal clear ocean waters by Kayaking or paddle boarding your way around – An ideal activity for couples and families alike.

Mountain Biking & Jungle Trekking

Explore Koh Rong’s exotic jungle habitat by foot or via a mountain bike. Our local guides will be happy to help you discover the island’s hidden treasures.

Bioluminescent Plankton

Sparkling like a starry sky all around you, Koh Rong’s bioluminescent plankton are a wonderful sight to behold at night times. Our pristine bay provides the perfect conditions for one of the ocean’s most beautiful natural phenomena.

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